Here are some courses I have taught or I am teaching. Follow the school links to apply and register for classes.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 

Fall 2015 – Church History II (HIS5120)

Judson College 

REL 101 – Introduction to the Old Testament

REL 102 – Introduction to the New Testament

REL 320 – Christian History

REL 341 – Introduction to Missiology

REL 393 – Old Testament Prophets

REL 395 – Johannine Literature


Fruitland Baptist College (Rocky Mount Extension)

NT 101 – New Testament 1

NT 102 – New Testament 2


North Carolina Wesleyan College 

REL 220 – Religions of the East


Liberty University 

Dissertation Committee Member


The South African Theological Seminary

Dissertation Committee Member


Antietam Bible College & Seminary (Davis College – Maryland Extension)

TH220/BT540 – Introduction to Apologetics

TH320/BT545 – Apologetics to New and Western Religions

HI401/HI501 – Church History



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