Mission (3)50: Being a Church that Plants Churches

10978658_599197123549641_2195434794027596820_nOur church has committed to being a church that plants churches. In fact, you could say that this is the mission of Redeemer Church. We summarize our mission this way: “The mission of Redeemer Church is to make disciples and plant churches.” When disciples are made, churches are born. When churches are born, they make more disciples and more churches are born. Ideally, every church that is planted becomes a church that plants churches. This means that one church, who is committed to this mission, could be the parent/grandparent church of dozens of churches.

In fulfilling this mission, we have given ourselves the specific goal of planting fifty North American and fifty international churches by 2050. We are calling this effort Mission (3)50. For us, this does not mean that we simply pray over a church planter or think nice thoughts about him and then count him as one of the churches we’ve helped to plant. Instead, we commit to every planter we partner with the equivalent of $500.00 a month support for 12-24 months ($6,000-12,000). For planters we raise up and send out, we will commitment much more.

This Sunday, I will share with our church family some incredibly exciting news regarding the progress of Mission (3)50. We have committed to this effort and great progress is being made already. Your generosity in funding planters has impacted many states and even the nations. In fact, some of the churches we have partnered with have also begun partnering with other church planters. The multiplication of resources and gospel impact has begun.

Plan to be with us this Sunday to hear our special announcement. In the meantime, check out this video update from one of the church plants we have helped support in Greenville, SC: https://vimeo.com/125084281


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