Live on Mission

Redeemer Family,

I love the fact that I continually hear of our church family living out our value of Mission by being “Ordinary people, with ordinary lives, living with gospel intentionality.” Over the past few weeks I’ve heard numerous stories of this taking place. We have members of Redeemer becoming coaches in community sports leagues, groups of men taking unbelievers with them to a hockey game, men and women going into the public schools to mentor students, and Life Groups partnering to get to know international students at Wesleyan. All of these things are very ordinary things. Mission is not something we do in some remote region of the world (although that is part of it), it is what we do as we are going wherever we are going (Matt. 28:18-20). With that in mind, let me make you aware of a few opportunities for Mission in the coming weeks.

RM Egg Hunt: We encourage as many families from Redeemer as possible to participate in the Rocky Mount Egg Hunt. There are two ways you can engage your city: 1) Create a Christian event and hope lost people come (they rarely do, mostly Christians attend Christian events), or 2) take Christ into a citywide event. As a church, we choose to do the latter because of our commitment to love our city and live on mission. So, take your kids and hunt some eggs, but take Christ with you as you go!

Mission (3)50 Offering: On Easter Sunday, we will take up two offerings (in each service). The first offering will be our normal offering. The second offering will be specifically for our effort to plant 100 churches by 2050. Half of this offering will go toward our own church planting efforts and half of it will be given to the North American Mission Board. Please give generously, above-and-beyond, your normal giving.

Mission in Your Community: One simple way to engage the lost people in your community, would be to have a few families in your neighborhood over to your yard for an egg hunt with your kids. Use this simple act of neighborly hospitality as a way to build relationships with those around you. Our Life Group is planning to this later in March. Its nothing extraordinary. Our kids like to hunt eggs. So do the children of lost people around us. We can be on mission as our kids search for egg stuffed with candy!

What are some simple ways that you live on mission?
I thank God for you Redeemer! It is a joy to live on mission with you!

For the Gospel,



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